Yes, this is my very first post.  Just finding my way around here on WordPress.

I am a member of the long-term unemployed club. Not a club that a lot of people would want to be part of, I know, but there are quite a few of us out there right now. I am hopeful that 2010 is going to be better. In fact I know it will be better because the number of postings on the job boards is definitely better than it was last year.

I completed my daily perusing of the job boards about a half an hour ago. I have been doing this for so long now, that I know exactly where to look and where not to look. I have found that I can cover a lot of ground by simply using and Craigslist.

Prior to my out-of-work adventure, I would have never thought to use Craigslist as a job resource. Surprisingly, I have found some good, legitimate job prospects from that site. Who knew?